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SEO content editor at The Economic times

Hello, I am Lakshita. I am a Digital Marketer.
I am wedded to the olive green right now; we are based in Jammu, born and
Brought up in Bikaner, Rajasthan, went to Jaipur for my further studies.
I also run my blog on, where I write about me and common issues of youth. Furthermore, I also write poems and articles of AWWA magazine in the Army cantonment.

My hard skills are in the sciences field. I had completed my graduation in 2014 from JAIPUR NATIONAL UNIVERSITY in bioinformatics and Masters in Biotechnology from RAJASTHAN UNIVERSITY; during these five years in my graduation time, I was part of hands-on training tools in Bioinformatics tools such as Blast and worked on sequences alignment of the dry lab and in my master, I have done training in Microbiology and worked on eco-friendly fungus medicines against the bacterial infection which was hug success of our team and our paper got published in Rajasthan University.

After completing my master's in I had worked in Grinar software which is in Jaipur as a quality analyst. Also, I worked as a Volunteer in an NGO part-time teaching.

My soft skills are writing, photography and blogging. I do content writing, and some Articles got published in the Time of India Readers blog, which was a new truing point of my life also in digital marketing.
As an Army officer wife, I had to move in two years, so I picked up my passion for writing and social media marketing. I write about traveling and life experience of different places and army life.
I am currently pursuing a Digital Marketing Certification course in Digital Vidhya , Not only that, but I loved learning social media marketing and blog writing and am also good with technical learning in SEM and SEO.
I can also work on canvas software. I have made some videos and worked on my logo during the learning time in Digital Vidhya.
Likewise, I am also looking for an opportunity to work as a social media marketer.

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